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  • ultrasonic transit time flowmeter

    Ultrasonic Flowmeter/Calorimeter TFM3100 – F1

    The Transit Time Flow Meter TFM3100  measures flow rate by calculating the spreading time of an ultrasonic wave in a liquid, going upstream and downstream into a pipe.
    This flow meter is mostly used to measure the flow rate of homogeneous fluids, also with a quite high percentage of suspended solids.
    High accuracy measuring: Linearity: better than 0.5% Repeatability: better than 0.2%,  Accuracy: better than ± 1%
    Wide measuring range: Several types of transducers to be selected, measuring pipe sizes from DN15mm to DN6000mm with four different types of sensors + PT100 ohm when it works as heat meter.
    Italian or English menu: The different versions of TTFM100/2009 NEW GENERATION can support Italian or English display, easy to operate, in the near future other languages will be implemented.
    Power supply: 8….36 VDC or 10….30VAC
    Engineering Units: Flow: Imperial and metric – Calories: BTU; GJ; KW; KCal
    Dimensions / Protection Grade: 90 90 36mm / IP20
    Set-Up: By integrated keypad
    Output: Relay OCT/4-20mA/RS485
    Protocol: M-BUS, MODBUS
  • Ultrasonic Slurry Flow MeterUltrasonic Slurry Flow Meter

    Ultrasonic Slurry Flowmeter SFM 6.1

    • Optimized for Slurries
    • Easy, Intuitive Set-Up
    • 5 Button Menu System
    • Isolated 4-20mA Output
    • Up to 6 Control Relays
    • Optional Built In Data Logger
  • Portable Ultrasonic Transit Time Flow Meter TFM 1100P

    • Backlit LCD Display
    • Simple –16 key Calibration
    • Built-in data-logger
    •  High accuracy measuring
    • Wide measuring range from DN15 to DN6000
    • RS-232 serial interface
  • Multi-Sensor Area-Velocity Flow Monitor AVMS 5.1

    • For Large Open Channels and Pipes (6 ft / 2 m or larger)
    • Includes 3 Velocity Sensors for Average Velocity measurement
    • Measures Forward and Reverse Flow
    • 3 Isolated 4-20mA Outputs(Flow, Level and Velocity)
    • Totalizer and 2 Control RelaysSimple
    • 5-key Calibration
    • Optional built-in 2-million point Data Logger and Software with USB output to Flash Drives
  • Insertion Magmeter ISM 5.0

    • Electromagnetic with no moving parts
    • Simplified hot tap insertion design
    • Installs in 3-72″ (80-1800 mm) diameter pipes
    • Selectable 4-20mA, 0-5V or 0-10V output
    • 0-500Hz frequency output
    • Scalable pulse output