Aktek AFLO  Elektromagnetic and Open Channel Flow meters are used
in that test rig to be able to measure perviousness of grates.

Çatalağıl Pumping Station Output Flow is measured and recorded
with Pulsar/Greyline Doppler Flowmeter

Thanks to our Mayor of Ümraniye Mr. İsmail YILDIRIM for the visit our company

Our Flow meter calibration rig has been completed and we have been working on
for taking ISO 17025 certification. For calibration of your all inline type of
flow meters and Ultrasonic Flow meters with clamp-on sensors, we are at your service.

One of our just completed Projects;
Flow measurement  on an open channel at outlet of waste water treatment plant of Erbaa City

Flow Measurement On Main Pipes At Bağıştaş Power Plant

We have already completed flow rate measuring  project in an open channel.
The project  measuring flow rate in an open channel  in the way using SLT 5.0 on a parshall flume,
has already completed  by the way combining industrial waste water outlets of the factory.

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