Electromagnetic Flow Meter MAGB1

Electromagnetic Flow Meter MAGB1

  • Battery powered electromagnetic flowmeter Battery life up to 10 years
  • Accuracy: ± 0.5% of actual value (DN20 – DN150)
  • Empty pipe detection
  • Automatically turns off the excitation to prolong battery life
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Product Description

Mag B1 Battery Powered Flow Meter

The MAGB1 is the new  battery powered electromagnetic flowmeter. MAGB1offers an accuracy of ±0.5% of actual value for sizes up to 150mm and ±2% for bigger sizes. That makes it possible to install a reliable flowmeter virtually anywhere without sacrificing accuracy or performance if mains power is not available. It is powered by 2×3.6V lithium batteries placed inside the transmitter. Battery life is up to 5 years.
Communication is done via USB using MODBUS RTU protocol. Compact and remote versions are available (cable length limited to 6 meters for remote version).;

MAGB1 can be verified by VeriMAG device, which is a smart stand-alone field testing instrument, which has the capability to test the integrity of an installed flowmeter for functionality of the connection between the sensor and the transmitter unit, and all other important internal components of the flowmeter.

  • Standard 2 x 3.6 V  battery pack placed inside the transmitter. Battery life up to 5 years.
  • Optional 5 x 3.6 V battery pack placed inside the transmitter. Battery life up to 10 years.
  • External battery pack for battery life up to 15 years
  • Battery conservation when the pipe is empty for all battery options

Water & Wastewater - distribution networks, irrigation, sludge/sewage, water treatment, desalination, marine, checking of pumps and water wells
Petrochemical/chemicals/sanitary - corrosive liquids, dosing of additives, chemicals, industrial water, waste water, potable water metering, food, pharmaceutical industry, medium and high density fluids, blending
Paper & Pulp - additives, bleaches, colorants, liquor


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Battery powered electromagnetic flowmeter
Accuracy: ± 0.5% of actual value (DN20 - DN150)
Empty pipe detection, automatically turns off the excitation to prolong battery life
Graphic display and keypad for simple operation and instant access to information about 4 totalizers: total +, total -, total, aux. Modbus RTU communication protocol via USB or RS485 Standard USB interface for configuration and data collection using MAGB1 software
Easy access to data on-site
Isolated binary output (pulse per liters or alarm or flowrate functions)
Error detection
Data logger: 1820 records, selectable interval of logging (5 min - 24 h)
GSM-SMS module
Adjustable time constant 1 – 30 samples
Maintenance free
Two built-in earthing electrodes
No moving parts in measuring tube

Electromagnteic Flow Meter MAGB1

Mag B1 User Guide

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