Mechanical Flow Meter Medium Serie

Switches:  field adjustable, suitable for batching,
trending, totalising or recording where required.
0-10 v or 4-20mA output.

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Product Description

A scaled dial and mechanical indicator continuously monitor the flow rate at any given time whilst electrical switches can be specified to signal when a particular level has been reached during increasing or decreasing flow rates. Minimum Scale (3/4″ to 21/2″) 0-40 LPM Maximum Scale (3/4″ to 11/2″) 0-400 LPM (11/2″ to 2″) 0-500 LPM (21/2″) 0-800 LPM

Style; Through its unique modular design it allows for easy field installation and service. It does not require any straight pipe runs before or after the monitor thus minimizing the installation footprint. The versatile design of the vane monitor allows for orientation to be mounted in any position. Vane style monitor operates when flow is introduced through the inlet connection making direct contact with the vane that is mechanically linked to the indicator shaft. The fluid forces the vane to move through a contoured opening creating a variable orifice, the greater the flow the larger the orifice becomes for flow to pass. The vane style monitor is spring loaded and allows the vane to return on decreasing flows

De-Ionised Water
Soluble Oils (Glycols)
Petroleum Based Fluids
Synthetic Based Fluids
Corrosive Fluids
Air & Gases


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Switches; Are field adjustable, suitable for batching, trending, totalising or recording where required.
All Flow Meters  can be supplied with a 0-10 v or 4-20mA output.

Sizes; All sizes are manufactured to the same simple design concept, the main characteristic of which ensures that the pressure drops are confined to an absolute minimum (see “pressure drop” charts) across the vane orifice at full flow, with viscosities as high as 600cS. Sizes are defined by pipe size and/or maximum flow capacity, and every flow switch is individually calibrated so that full scale deflection is used in each application i.e. the maximum scale reading coincides with the maximum requirements of system as specified by the customer. Calibration may be in any units with Single or Dual scale to specification.

Mec. flow meter Medium Serie Brochure

Mec. Flow Meter Medium serie User Guide

In the event of a pointer appearing to stick in one position what we have to do?

Answer: remove centre housing and clean away pipe scale to ensure that valve plate is free to return to its seating position. (A spacer can be provided so that the flow can pass through whilst maintenance is being carried out)

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