PulsarGuard Series

  • Non-invasive and maintenance-free
  • Simple bolt-on installation
  • Low cost
  • No moving parts and vibration resistant
  • IP68 Stainless Steel housing
  • Highly reliable in low or high temperature
  • ATEX Flammable atmosphere approved (2011 option only)
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Product Description

The PulsarGuard acoustic sensor range offers reliable solids flow detection, it detects structure-borne acoustic signals caused by the movement of material. This movement then causes impacts and frictional contact within a containment (e.g. the inside of a pipe). The sensor detects and reacts instantly to changes in solids flow and warns of blockages and foreign object detection, high flow, low flow, or no-flow conditions.

The PulsarGuard series are non-contacting, so they are fastened to the outside of the structure, meaning minimal installation costs and zero shut downtime. The compact design of the sensor means that it can be fitted in the tightest of positions or environments. The high-frequency detection of the PulsarGuard picks up signals that are often undetectable to the human ear and allows the sensor to be used in environments where there is a high degree of machinery or process noise without interference.


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General Specifications
Spec: Description:
Size: 125 mm (4.92 in) long
Weight: 640 g (1.41 lbs)
Sensor Mounting: Tab with 14 mm (0.55 in) hole
Electrical Connection: 4 core screened value
Construction: Cap and base housing in 316 stainless steel
Cable: 4 m (13 ft)of 4 core shielded 24AWG


Option: Description:
2015 Series For high-temperature applications. Not intrinsically safe.
2011Z Suitable for Zenner barriers only. Intrinsically safe
2001G Suitable for use with galvanic barriers. Intrinsically safe
2020 Series Controller IP65 fascia mounted process monitor and controller configured to work with the 2010 sensor
Optional 2020 Pods 2 relay outputs
Modbus RTY Serial Comms Pod Optional Communications Package

Pulsar Guard Series Data Sheet

Pulsar Guard Brochure

Pulsar Guard User's Manual