Ultrasonic Flowmeter/Calorimeter TFM3100 – F1

Ultrasonic Flowmeter/Calorimeter TFM3100 – F1

The Transit Time Flow Meter TFM3100  measures flow rate by calculating the spreading time of an ultrasonic wave in a liquid, going upstream and downstream into a pipe.
This flow meter is mostly used to measure the flow rate of homogeneous fluids, also with a quite high percentage of suspended solids.
High accuracy measuring: Linearity: better than 0.5% Repeatability: better than 0.2%,  Accuracy: better than ± 1%
Wide measuring range: Several types of transducers to be selected, measuring pipe sizes from DN15mm to DN6000mm with four different types of sensors + PT100 ohm when it works as heat meter.
Italian or English menu: The different versions of TTFM100/2009 NEW GENERATION can support Italian or English display, easy to operate, in the near future other languages will be implemented.
Power supply: 8….36 VDC or 10….30VAC
Engineering Units: Flow: Imperial and metric – Calories: BTU; GJ; KW; KCal
Dimensions / Protection Grade: 90 90 36mm / IP20
Set-Up: By integrated keypad
Output: Relay OCT/4-20mA/RS485
Protocol: M-BUS, MODBUS
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Product Description

1.better than 1% accuracy, better than 0.2% repeatability.
2. 128 times of measurement and the revised software make the performance better and the
indicated flow more stable.
3. RS485 serial port
4. Three analog inputs.
5. One 4-20mA analog output.
6. Two OCT output channels
7. Ability to measure sewage water.
8. Four kinds of different types of transducers can be used, addition with user-defined transducers.
9. The internal universal serial bus enables several output modules to be connected to it.
10. All the parameters can be solidify into the flash memory.
11. Several optional function module to be chosen to add to the main module.
12. More than 4 different kinds of communication protocol supported by the same time, include
13. Date totalizers that can record as much as 64 sets of data by day, 32 sets of data by month. All
the data can be retrieved by use of the MODBUS registers
14. 32 records of power-on and power-off data. Data can be read through MODBUS.
15. Built-in data logger/printer, full programmable with what to be print, the start time, interval,
and output times.
16. Programmable pulse width of OCT output.
17. One Parallel Interface for display and keypad.
18 Plug-on-and-off display and keypad module can be connected to the serial port of the meter.
19 Almost the same menu arrangement make the users of previous version of flow meter very
easy to operate.
20 A fluid velocity threshold enables the identification of the kinds of fluid.
21. Digital inputs can be inputted by used of the analog inputs.
22. A full programmable built-in batch controller which can be started by key-pressing, and by the
input to the analog inputs or through MODBUS protocol.
23. Power supply by 8VDC~36VDC/50mA or 10VAC~30VAC/50mA.
24. Daily time period flow totalizer. (refer to Menu #80)

Water treatment, slurry and process water pumping Flow balancing Hydro-electric, cooling, anti-fire stations Water District Oil and chemical industries Extraction industries Food, paper and pharmaceutical industries Car industries


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