Sandwich Type Ultrasonic Water Meter TFMW-1

Sandwich Type Ultrasonic Water Meter TFMW-1

Sandwich Insertion Ultrasonic Water Meter is a new style water meter specially designed for  agricultural irrigation, Garden Management and water resource supervision.


Advantages of this water meter ;

Low cost, high accuracy, low power consumption, stability and reliability.

1 inch thickness of the meter helps to save installation space, and parts to achieve  IP 68, enable the water works in any severe environment .

Due to unique design, there will be  no pressure loss and different water medium will have no influence on measurement

Analog, Digital outputs and RS485

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Product Description

The Ultrasonic Water Meter TFMW-1 series is specially designed for urban water supply and building-use according to the GBT 778.1-2007、ISO-4064、JJG162-2009 standard. The conventional water meters suffer from the drawbacks that they are only operable at a higher flow rate and are insensitive to a small flow rate. However, the water meter can help tackle the bottleneck. And the meter is highly adaptable to diversified industrial conditions. The water meter be adapted by the company’s newly-developed unique advanced transit-time measurement technology , with the remarkable features of low power consumption, wide measuring range ratio, stable and reliable measurement.
In the structure of Ultrasonic Water Meter TFMW-1, the components take the IP68 program, that is, each component is of an IP68 protection level, to ensure long time operation though water in the inside meter.The wireless power and various communication interface can be matched to the meter to achieve remote meter reading. This series of water meter’s production process is automatic or semi-automatic, including automatic detection of circuit boards, the automation of the circuit board’s high-low temperature test machine, the automation of potting and calibration process, ensuring that every machines out of the factory are qualified.


  • High accuracy and reliable operation
  • Less than 0.01 m/s starting velocity
  • Multi line 9 digital LCD accumulative flow and 4 digital for instantaneous flow
  • Automatic power saving function under the empty pipe or long-term fluid stationary state
  • IP68 protection, ensure long-term operation though water in the inside meter
  • Date cumulative record and data acquisition function
  • Various kinds of communication interface:TTL levels pulse output and USART interface,convenient to connect the low power consumption equipment; RS485;
    Infrared communication interface; support CJ-188 communication
  • Support MODBUS,M-BUS ,HART communication protocol
  • Output: Two way isolated pulse output(pulse equivalent and output pulse can be arbitrary programmed); two-wired system 4-20mA output
  • Software online upgrade function
  • With the two way PT1000 temperature transducer, which can realize the heat measurement
  • Built-in batch controller and time accumulator
  • Various of Units selected, including Cubic meter, USA gallon, Cubic feet and Liter
  • Built-in Lithium battery for 6 years life expectancy
  • Water treatment
  • Slurry and process water pumping
  • Flow balancing
  • Hydro-electric
  • Cooling
  • Anti-fire stations
  • Water District
  • Oil and chemical industries
  • Extraction industries
  • Food, paper and pharmaceutical industries
  • Car industries


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Technical Specifications: 

Measurement Range Water, Sewage, Seawater(Other liquid need to
customized),liquid should be full of the pipeline
Medium Temperature 0.1-30℃
Working Environment Temperature:-10~45℃;Humidity≤100%(RH)
Working Pressure 1.6MPa/2.5Mpa optional
The sensitivity of
upstream flow field
The sensitivity of
downstream flow field
Climatic and mechanical
environment class
C class
Communication Interface RS485/USART/Infrared
Output Signal Two way OCT output/TTL pulse output/4-20mA output
Power Supply Built-in Lithium battery(3.6V)/ External DC 8~36 V
Protection Class IP68
Digital Display Multi line 9 digital LCD display accumulative flow, 4
digital display for instantaneous flow, state prompt and
Measurement Cycle Measuring:1 times/second(2~4 times/second
optional);Verification:4 times/second
Power Consu mption <2.7AH/Year, 6 years life expectancy

Transit Time Flow

Transit Time flowmeters measure the time it takes for an ultrasonic signal transmitted from one transducer to cross a pipe and be received by a second transducer. Upstream and downstream time measurements are compared. With no flow, the transit time would be equal in both directions. With flow, sound will travel faster in the direction of flow and slower against the flow.

Very accurate timing circuits are required but 1% accuracy is quite typical when the transducers can be mounted on a pipe section with evenly distributed flow.

Because the ultrasonic signal must cross the pipe to a receiving transducer, the fluid must not contain a significant concentration of bubbles or solids (less than 2%). Otherwise the high frequency sound will be attenuated and too weak to traverse the pipe. Applications include potable water, cooling water, water/glycol solutions, hydraulic oil, fuel oils and chemicals.

Transit Time transducers typically operate in the 1000-2000 MHz frequencies. Higher frequency designs are normally used in smaller pipes and lower frequencies for large pipes up to several meters in diameter.